About Us

Northwest Michigan Hospice Assist (founded in 1982 as Charlevoix County Hospice and serving since 2002 as the non-medical partner in Hospice of Northwest Michigan) began as a groundswell movement by Mrs. Margaret Lasater and a dedicated group of Charlevoix County residents to provide support for families and caregivers caring for a dying loved one in their home. Through the years, the office locations, personnel, partnerships and territory served may have changed, but the mission established all those years ago remains: to provide compassionate social support services, without charge, to those facing life limiting illness and experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one. 

We accomplish these deeds through a mixture of hired professionals, dedicated Board members and a highly trained volunteer network. 

Our Dream

Dandelion seeds

Our ultimate dream is find a space that we can call home. A real home. One that we can share, room and board free, to welcome travelers at the crossroads who need support, who might not have a caregiver where they live and thus, cannot receive hospice services. A place where we can provide grief support groups in a home setting. That is our dream. 

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Our Team

Hospice Assist’s Spiritual Advisor and Bereavement Counselor

David Behling

Hospice Assist’s Spiritual Advisor and Bereavement Counselor

David Behling is Northwest Michigan Hospice Assist’s Spiritual Advisor and Bereavement Counselor. For more than 30 years David has walked with the sick and hurting. In his work he facilitates groups and individual counseling in a caring and compassionate way for individuals and families in the areas served by Northwest Michigan Hospice Assist. David draws upon his many years of experience having compassionately assisting individuals and families, but also from his own experience as a bereaved parent.

Our Board of Directors

Melissa Zelenak, President

Deb Van Dyke, Treasurer

Mary Martinchek, Secretary

Dr. Geralyn Doskoch, Director

Bryan Smith, Director